The Best Kids Movies

It can sometimes be difficult finding a movie to watch that is suitable for the whole family. Even when the ratings are safe, you may not be happy when it comes to actually watching the movie itself. Here is a quick guide to a few fun films that are perfect for the whole family, and that your kids will absolutely love!

Toy Story

This is a firm favourite amongst the younger generation, as well as the adults! Toy Story 1 and 2 were two of the biggest selling films due to their imaginative storylines and action packed adventures. Children and adults alike love to imagine what it would be like if toys really came to life, so this would be a great choice to add to your permanent movie collection.

Willy Wonka/ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

There are now two versions of this modern film, but your kids will probably love them both. You could choose the hit from the 70s or go with the more modern version starring Johnny Depp. This truly is a magical film, and what kid does not enjoy watching those wonderful scenes inside the factory! It contains the tale of Charlie Bucket, who is a poor boy that gets a chance to visit this dreamed-of chocolate factory. Bear in mind that the scenes in this movie may not be suitable for the very youngest kids!

Pirates of the Caribbean

Again this might be more suitable for the slightly older kids, but the adults will love it too! This stars Johnny Depp as the unforgettable Captain Jack Sparrow and is an adventure right from the start. With pirates and treasure the action really never stops, and the great thing is that there are already 3 of these films to keep your family occupied for hours!

Disney Films

There are too many Disney cartoons to list them all here, but they are a sure fire hit with kids of all ages. Whether your little girl wants to be a princess, or your little boy wants to be a pirate you can choose a film to suit their tastes and to keep them happy for hours. These are great fun for the whole family, and include some really classics that are still just as charming today as they were when they were made.

Spy Kids

For a non-cartoon film to watch how about Spy Kids? Again there are a number of releases in the series of Spy Kids movies, which is great for kids who love to watch films! You might find that these films are pretty ridiculous, but the kids absolutely love it, and it is great if you don’t have time to sit down and watch it with them!

As you can see there are plenty of great films that can please both kids and adults, and can suit different ages of kids. It is always great to be able to sit your child down in front of a good movie and not worry about what they are seeing. There are plenty more, but for now your child should have nothing to complain about!

Weera Kunti