how do i become a disney star ?

How do i become a Disney star ? I’m 12 years old and i Live in Newfoundland, Canada. It’s been my dream since i was 6 to be an actress on popular shows like Hannah Montana, or Cory in the house. i have little experience but I’m willing to get more. I’m too scared to tell my mom or my friends about this because every time i have they’ve said ” you’ll never make it ‘ and they laugh . Can someone please guide me through this to actually make it to an audition please ?
Thank you guys so much,
Jazz -xox.<3

find an agent in your local papers, call them, you have to tell your parents and try to get their support cuz theyll probably be bringing u to auditions and stuff, do ur best at auditions and then just hope for the best 🙂
do some networking as well, try to find some other disney stars, even canadian disney stars since ur canadian

Disney books!?

Good morning!!

I have a question does anybody know about the "Ultimate Disney World Savings guide", is it good or not, should I bought it?!

oh, and another thing hihihi, anybody knows a book that talks about "what really happend inside of the WDW theme parks!? I heard that an ex cast memeber wrote a book about that!

Yes to both books – get them both at your local book store. The Ultimate Disney saving guide – is great for both you and the kids – it gives u tips, places to go, where is the best place and easist place to see characters, etc. U will have a great time with this book and get more out of ur trip with it.
The cast member book – ya its out there – never read it – but I know about it – its entertaining – at least to me it is -since i worked there too once upon a time! 🙂

Have a great time!

How much of disney world can I see for a 5 day/4 night stay…?

It's me(15), my little sister(11), big brother(21) and parents(in their 40's) and we're going on the 2nd week of august. We're staying on disney property so we'll take advantage of the magical hours.We're also doing fastpass but not park hopper. We'll be leaving the night before and arrive there in the morning but they said our room won't be ready until 3pm, so I guess we can relax for a bit then go to one of the parks for a few hours that day. Is one park a day enough time or are we rushing it? And of course we'll be taking breaks, going back to the hotel and finding places to eat and cool off, so some advice could help and I have the "Complete Idiots Guide to Disney World" book, so i'm looking for some help there too.If you click on my name you can see my other question about disney world with all the places me and my family wants to visit and see.(Don't mind the 6 day stay because my mom changed her schedule again).

THX everyone!

Even with a longer stay, it would be hard to do everything that Disney has to offer, that is one of the reasons so many people go back year after year. That said, you should be able to do each of the major parks and hit the best of the attractions within your stay. You are going during the busier and hotter months, so you may want to hire an itinerary and touring plans service. We have used Custom Mouse Plans and they are great! They planned our trip so that we were in the least crowded park each day. Then they did touring plans for each of our park days that kept us out of the long lines and made sure we hit all the big rides. We never waited more than 10 minutes for any ride, even on New Year's Day! The plans were so great that I have hired them for 3 trips and I will keep on hiring them for all my trips!
Have Fun!

Is it better to use Extra Magic Hours or to avoid those Walt Disney World parks?

I was reading the Unofficial Guide to WDW and they suggest avoiding parks that offer Extra Magic Hours even if you are a resort guest especially during crowded times. Do you agree or disagree? I will be visiting during the most crowded time of year, Christmas and New Years. What do you think? Please share your experiences during this time of year. THanks!

We went to Disney World last December (although it was early Dec, and not between Christmas & New Year's), and I like to use the evening Extra Magic Hours. There seems to be fewer people there in the evening hours. I think it is probably because families with small kids are probably tired by then.

I have never used the morning Extra Magic Hours, so I can't be much help there.

Disney World is beautiful at that time of year. I was totally amazed by the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Lights at MGM. Also, spend a little time "visiting" the other resorts. They are all decorated so wonderfully for the holidays!

What else can we do in orlando other than the parks ( disney and universal) -staying 20 min from dis in Jan?

We are returning to Florida this year and arrive on xmas day. Any sugggestion of what we can do in the two weeks other than Disney. We loved the Parks but woudl liek to see more of Florida -any ideas that are not covered in the guide books??

When we were there in December, we found this little place that had arcade games and go-kart rides as well as some other rides. I don't remember exactly the name or where it was, except that it was not too far from the Pirates Dinner show. (we were early for the dinner show and rode around to kill some time) We went on the rides (there were not many people there at all!!!) and it was reasonably priced.