Is tour guide mike a good website?

I found this website called I am going to Disney World soon. What kind of information will it give me? Is it a good site to use?

He has really good information on specific attractions, such as which seat gives you the best view. His primary offering is touring information, which days to go to which parks (and he explains why) and what order to visit attractions in.

The biggest complaints are that some of his information isn't as current as it should be and the sample touring plans are simply that – samples. His goal is really to teach you how to create your own touring plans by teaching you how other people generally tour and how you can use that to your advantage.

The big pluses are that he has a forum where many repeat customers of his frequent and can assist with all sorts of questions and help you may need. He also offers a no questions asked money back satisfaction guaranteed if you truly aren't satisfied with his service.

So if you're looking just for touring plans, subscribe to or better yet, invest in (if you have a PC), but if you want to learn how to create your own plans and adapt in cases of unforeseen changes, consider and use AG9MF-AQ as a discount code.

How much of Disney World can I see for a 5 day/4 night stay…?

It's me(15), my little sister(11), big brother(21) and parents(in their 40's) and we're going on the 2nd week of august. We're staying on disney property so we'll take advantage of the magical hours.We're also doing fastpass but not park hopper. We'll be leaving the night before and arrive there in the morning but they said our room won't be ready until 3pm, so I guess we can relax for a bit then go to one of the parks for a few hours that day. Is one park a day enough time or are we rushing it? And of course we'll be taking breaks, going back to the hotel and finding places to eat and cool off, so some advice could help and I have the "Complete Idiots Guide to Disney World" book, so i'm looking for some help there too.If you click on my name you can see my other question about disney world with all the places me and my family wants to visit and see.(Don't mind the 6 day stay because my mom changed her schedule again).

THX everyone!

follow these simple rules.

1- have a plan. in this case a group plan. pick rides that you don't want to miss, that you would like to see, that you would not mind missing and that you are not interested in at all. and see them in that order. that way if you miss something, it won't be that important.

2- Go for the more popular rides first. their lines will get longer as the day progresses. also it will give you a chance to go back if you really like a ride lare.

3- use Fast Pass Tickets. you can go stand in line for one ride while waiting for your fast pass to be available.

4- don't forget to to set time aside to eat and shop. also breaks. it gets hot, you will get tired. you will want to sit and rest.

5- make sure you have activities that everyone will like. if everyone is happy, then everyone is happy. if one person is unhappy, everyone will be unhappy.

6- Be prepared…. for rain, for the heat and sun. you don't want to get soaked or get a sunburn. it could ruin the rest of your trip. you can pick up inexpensive trow away rain Ponchos at Walmart or target for under a dollar each.

7- take things in stride. things can go wrong and sometimes will, just roll with the punches and have fun. don't let a little thing ruin your trip.

Walt Disney World Resort TV Music?

In your Disney World Resort hotel room, there is a channel called "Walt Disney World Today" and almost resembles the TV Guide Channel. It shows park hours and the entertainment schedule for each of the parks. It plays relaxing Disney music in the background, almost a jazzy "elevator"-style that is quite enjoyable.

Where can I find music like this? I am either looking for just YouTube clips, or an actual cd.

If it'll be anywhere, check out . It uses the bittorrent system though so you'll need to obtain a client and a little bit of education on it if you aren't familiar already, but the site should have additional info.

Anyway of getting free upgrades on Disney tickets?

I want this to be our family vacation of a lifetime, so we are staying at the Contemporary. "We", are my wife & I, a 7yr. old, and a 15yr. old. Anybody have any secrets to help make this more enjoyable & smooth? I've heard about the character meals & stuff, but which one(s) do you pick? I heard you might get free upgrades on tickets after registering, so I booked it with the base package, in hopes of that. Anyway of making sure I can get these? I already asked, and they said no, not right now, like they may have some in the future. How long should I wait before upgrading to the park hopper? Has anyone ever been given a free dining upgrade? How about the best place to get a guide, to try and "map out" our days before we get there? Anybody know the best website to get answers? There seems to be so many, which ones' are the best?
Alot of questions, sorry, but any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Kelvin

The first thing that you should have done is to but "THE UNOFFICIAL GUIDE TO WALT DISNEY WORLD" . This book costs about $20 and you would have saved that already. Disney is not in the habit of giving away or upgrading anything. Let me give you an example of how ridgid they are.

On a recent trip to WDW in Jan/07 we were eating at the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom. The meal is a character meal with Pooh and the rest of the Hundred Acre Woods. A lady wanted to just quickly go in and take a couple of pictures. They told her absolutely not. The lady was visibly upsetand asked to see the manager. I thought it was pretty chincy myself. The manager came out and talked to her and it went like this. "Look, everybody in there are paying hundreds of dollars to have a nice meal and be able to see the characters. It wouldn't be fair to them to let you in for free and get the same pictures they are paying for.

The book will dispell a lot of myths about WDW.