Is tour guide mike a good website?

I found this website called I am going to Disney World soon. What kind of information will it give me? Is it a good site to use?

He has really good information on specific attractions, such as which seat gives you the best view. His primary offering is touring information, which days to go to which parks (and he explains why) and what order to visit attractions in.

The biggest complaints are that some of his information isn't as current as it should be and the sample touring plans are simply that – samples. His goal is really to teach you how to create your own touring plans by teaching you how other people generally tour and how you can use that to your advantage.

The big pluses are that he has a forum where many repeat customers of his frequent and can assist with all sorts of questions and help you may need. He also offers a no questions asked money back satisfaction guaranteed if you truly aren't satisfied with his service.

So if you're looking just for touring plans, subscribe to or better yet, invest in (if you have a PC), but if you want to learn how to create your own plans and adapt in cases of unforeseen changes, consider and use AG9MF-AQ as a discount code.

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