25 Great Ways to Save Money at Disney World

Believe it or not, you can live it up at Walt Disney World Resort â?? whether you plan on visiting Disneyâ??s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios or Disneyâ??s Animal Kingdom â?? without making a huge dent in your wallet. By planning ahead, seeking out the best online deals and following the money-saving tips listed below, you can enjoy significant savings on your Disney World vacation getaway â?? without sacrificing any of your familyâ??s comfort or enjoyment.

1. Seek out discount Disney World tickets, budget accommodations convenient to Disney attractions and individually tailored Disney vacation packages before you arrive in Orlando.

2. If possible, plan your Disney World trip during the off-season and you will usually discover significantly lower airfares and hotel/resort rates.

3. If you are staying at a Disney resort, take advantage of complimentary transportation to all Walt Disney World theme parks, water parks and Downtown Disney.

4. Some of the area factory outlet stores such as Orlando Premium Outlets sell Disney merchandise at significantly lower prices than you will find at stores within the Disney World theme parks.

5. Check out some of the free things to do at Disney World such as strolling around Disneyâ??s Boardwalk and Downtown Disney, or hiking through the Disney Wilderness Preserve.

6. Take the family to one of the all-you-can-eat buffets that lie just outside Disney World property such as Bill Wongâ??s Famous Buffet, Sweet Tomatoes, Boston Lobster Feast, Golden Corral, Ponderosa, Sizzler, Captain Nemoâ??s Seafood Feast or Angelâ??s Lobster, Crab & Prime Rib Buffet.

7. If you donâ??t mind staying off Disney property, you will discover numerous budget motels and hotels (many of which provide complimentary transportation to Disney World theme parks) along Highway 192 in Kissimmee just East of the main entrance to Walt Disney World Resort.

8. Look for free publications such as I Love Orlando magazine, which contain a multitude of discount coupons to Disney area attractions, restaurants and specialty shops.

9. Before you book a hotel or motel, check if they offer guests a complimentary continental or full breakfast each morning.

10. Check out comprehensive online guides to Disney World such as Orlando, Florida Guide for in-depth information on Disney World discount tickets, accommodations and vacation packages.

11. For larger families, reunions or any other get-together at Disney World, it may make better financial sense to look into renting a vacation home, many of which offer enclosed garages, private backyard pools and washer/dryers.

12. If you are visiting one of the Disney World theme parks with young children, donâ??t forget to bring along a backpack with some snacks or juice boxes.

13. You donâ??t have to shell out big bucks to stay on Disney World property at one of Disneyâ??s budget all-star resorts â?? Disneyâ??s All-Star Movies Resort, Disneyâ??s All Star Music Resort and Disneyâ??s All-Star Sports Resort (all of which offer complimentary transportation to Disney theme parks and feature onsite food courts).

14. Instead of spending a fortune at a Disney character breakfast, take your kids to Town Square at Main Street, U.S.A. for autograph and photo opportunities with Disney characters.

15. Choose the appropriate Disney World ticket deal based on your familyâ??s length of stay in Orlando and remember not to overdo things â?? you will want to schedule time for rest and relaxation during your trip.

16. If you choose to eat at the Disney World theme parks, try to make lunch your big meal of the day when prices are considerably lower than for dinner (especially at Epcotâ??s World Showcase).

17. Whenever you leave one of Disney Worldâ??s theme parks, make sure to get your hand stamped. Then after you rest awhile and enjoy a cheaper dinner off site, you can head back to the park after the crowds have thinned out.

18. You may want to schedule your Walt Disney World vacation around one of Disneyâ??s highly acclaimed annual events and festivals, many of which are included with the price of admission such as the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, Star Wars Weekends, Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, Festival of the Seasons, ABC Super Soap Weekend, Festival of the Masters and Holidays Around the World.

19. Carry your own water bottle into the Disney theme park and you can fill it up at any of the abundant water fountains throughout the day.

20. Establish a budget for Disney World souvenirs and stick to your budget (no matter how many cool gifts you see as you stroll through Epcotâ??s World Showcase!).

21. If you are an AAA or AARP member, take advantage of any special rates or discounts that are available during your Disney World vacation.

22. Many off-site hotels and motels with onsite restaurants offer â??Kids Eat Freeâ? deals (one child eats free per paying adult).

23. Purchase such necessities as film and sunscreen before you arrive at Disney World, since prices at the theme parks are more expensive for such items.

24. If you are staying at one of the Disney resorts, take advantage of Disneyâ??s Magical Express, which provides complimentary shuttle service to and from the Orlando International Airport (reservations are required for Disneyâ??s Magical Express).

25. If possible, try to avoid Disney World during holiday weekends and Spring Break when prices are higher and the theme parks are most crowded.

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  1. What are the easiest and fastest ways to save up money for a Disney world Vacation for a Family of 4?
    We also need ways to save a ton of money, but still have a great time. We want to go to all four theme parks, have a great hotel, and a flight. We also need money for Breakfast, lunch and Dinner. We also need it for fast passes, souviniers, lights for the night activities, etc. Also emergency money. Seems like a lot. HELP!!!!
    Please try to use smaller answers.

  2. You are going to need a ton of money for all that. Try reading "Disney On A Dime", "The Unoffical Guide To Walt Disney World" for some help. Also search the web for some great tips, http://www.mousesavers.com is a good one. Try selling stuff on Ebay or have a garage sale. Good luck!
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    I live here.

  3. ONLY buy the necessities and buy generic for the next several months. Don't eat out either and go on a vegetarian diet IF you can to cut the expense of meat (this is getting really expensive). We have been on many trips by cutting back on these very expenses. It's amazing how much money we all actually spend on nothing and how much we can actually save if we try. =D
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  4. Some of this depends on the age of your kids. Over the years, we have come up with a system that has worked well for us (we live about two hours north of Orlando, so we've been to WDW often with our son.

    First of all, stay in a hotel (off Disney property) that offers a free continental breakfast. See that the kids eat enough to keep them filled up until lunch, but not enough that you regret them going on the thrill rides (if they are that old). Some of the best areas to me are Kissimmee, International Drive area, and Lake Buena Vista (still Disney property, but not Disney resorts, per se). It is still pricey, but it isn't as pricey as the Disney resorts. Find a hotel that offers a Disney shuttle so you can leave your rental car at the hotel. Actually, some of the better hotels have so many shuttle routes that you could actually stay busy for a week or so without even needing a car. It would prevent you taking day trips to places like Daytona Beach, etc., but there's plenty to do right there in Orlando, and almost all of it is accessible by shuttle vans.

    We would go to the park when it opens. Stay until lunchtime, then get our hands stamped and return to the hotel, eat lunch near the hotel, swim, and take a nap. Then, after the very predictable late afternoon thundershower is over (summer certainty), we return to the park and shut it down. The food inside the park is pretty good, but can be expensive, especially if the kids are picky eaters. As a treat, you could eat dinner inside the park one evening.

    The other answers are correct. Disney, for a family, is not cheap. Start early, and if the kids are old enough, let them work part time helping trusted neighbors for small amounts of money. There's a lot to be said for kids having their own money to spend. Momentoes from within the park are more expensive, but there's a lot of variety, and, frankly, it isn't quite as meaningful if you buy Disney world stuff at some convenience store somewhere.

    If you shop online for flight/hotel packets, you could probably find a pretty good package, depending on the number of days involved. As far as going to all four Disney parks, get a multi day pass, that will allow you to go back and forth as you wish. It would be a shame to spend the money for a full day ticket only to find that the kids are bored by one of the parks.
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  5. Go to one of the Value Resorts at Disney World, they are the cheapest and very very cool! They are all themed…Pop Century is the best one I've stayed at in the Value Resorts…..its cool there! Have fun!
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  6. Well, I have saved money for the past 3 years by going to Disney World in September. They have offered a free dining plan. (This allows us to eat 2 meals a day at decent restaurants without worrying about costs)

    Staying on Disney property you don't have to rent a car- you can use Magical Express which picks you up and returns you to the airport. (you don't even have to wait for your luggage in Orlando-it is delivered to your room) This is a free service!

    For now, you can go to the Disney World website and "plan" a vacation. This way you can determine when you want to go, which resort you'd like to stay in, and get a quote. (you can book flights if necessary, but I always go directly through my favorite airlines website and have found it to be cheaper)

    Now, once you know how much money you will need (roughly) you can divide that by the number of weeks or months until then. For example, if you think you will need $2000 and you want to go next June, you divide the $2000 by 12 months and you will need to save about $170 a month.

    First, open a separate savings account at your local bank. Deposit everything you save towards your vacation into this account!!

    Ok, now some ways to save up some money….One thing I do is I don't spend change. I have a large plastic jar and every evening I put my change in here. You can use a smaller one, and then once a month roll up the change and deposit into the account. (You can use one of those change counting machines if they are available- we have one at the local supermarket- but I don't use it because they keep a percentage of my money!! Invest a couple of dollars and buy coin wrappers (or ask your bank, they might provide them free) and a few minutes of time to roll the coins.

    Agree as a family that you need to make changes in order to achieve this goal of your vacation. If you eat out, reduce the times that you do. If you normally eat out once a week, reduce that to once a month. The money you would spend on eating out-DEPOSIT it.

    Clip coupons for the grocery store (but only if they are for items you would buy anyway). Put aside an amount equal to whatever you save at the market- then DEPOSIT it.

    The key (for me, anyway) is to get the money out of the house and into the bank. It doesn't do any good to make efforts to save money, but then spend it elsewhere!

    You can purchase things like glo-sticks for night time at a dollar store or party store near your home and take them with you.This would be MUCH cheaper than anything in the parks.
    FastPass at Disney doesn't cost extra (it does at Universal where it is called Express Pass)

    If you think you might want to visit more than one park per day you will have to purchase Park Hopper Option with your tickets (or I think you can add it on when you get there) We don't usually get this option because we devote one day to each park.

    I hope this has helped a little bit. Good luck and I hope you get your vacation! It is money well spent!
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  7. We are going to Disney world in one and a half weeks! We've never been before though! But, one thing I do know is that it doesn't cost to get a fastpass, all you do is put your ticket into a machine, it returns your ticket right away, and you also get a fastpass at the same time. On the pass it will tell you between what time you need to be back t oride the ride. (I know this because they have them in all disney parks, and I've been to Disneyland a million tims!) Also, one thing our family did to earn a little extra cash is we saved up all our loose change (pennies, nickels, dimes quartes) and counted them up, we had over $700 in change. No lie. If you do that, don't take the change to coinstar though, because they charge for it, roll the change and turn it into the bank. They will give you the exact amount! Have a fun trip!
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  8. We usually book on-line (Magic your way package with the park hopper and dining options), pay the deposit, and then make monthly payments. This is truly the BEST way. The dining option is a MUST….it saves a LOT of money and you can use it practically everywhere at WDW – even at the resort restaurants! Use it for character meals too! It has got to be the BEST idea WDW has had in the past five years!

    You don't need money for FASTPASSES – just your park ticket. If you stay at a WDW resort (Value resorts are $84/night +tax, depending on when you go), you have access to ALL WDW resort pools / recreation / restaurants. You also get extra magic hours at the parks. (1 hour am, 3 hours pm – parks vary every day for each).

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  9. There is a book called Disney on a Dime. Start entering sweepstakes with Disney trips as prizes. Make a Disney piggy bank and start stuffing it.
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  10. Fastpass is free for anyone with a park ticket ,

    Start saving change

    When you right a check or debit down round up in your checkbook…. IE if your check if for $5.55 then record as $6.00, believe it or not this adds up pretty fast.

    Figure out what you are spending on fast food, snacks, pop, and special coffees every week. Cut all of that spending out or at least in half and add that money to your savings.

    If you don't use coupons now, start, whatever amount you save with the coupon……add to savings

    Give your kids Disney Dollars for their birthdays/holidays and request the same from family and friends who buy them gifts

    Ebay or yardsales

    Your kids can earn some money to put toward their souveneirs and snacks by doing yard work or small errands for neighbors and friends.They may even want to sell some of their toys or clothes on ebay.

    join mypoints.com….. simple clicks, an occasional survey or newsletter signup and points for online shopping through their site racks up points pretty fast. You'll be able to get gift cards for restaurants, gas, and many other things. You and your husband/SO can both have an account….. it honestly only takes 5 minutes a day unless you take a survey.

    The following sites are reward sites where you can earn Disney Dollars that can be spent anywhere on Disney property (including parking and food)……. quickrewards.net , creationrewards.com and sunshinerewards.com. You'll want a different email for each of these since they have alot of the same offers.Use a free email host since you get lots of spam with these.

    Go to southwest.com (if their available in your area) and download ding,I've gotten some killer deals through them,

    Alot of times you can save money on flights by flying Tuesday through Thursday

    Sign up for the newsletter at mousesavers.com for some of the best deals on Disney Tickets.

    Go to Allears.net and look at the menus under dining. There are menus and prices for every restaurant on Disney property so you can plan your dining budget.

    Consider staying in a villa , you can find them cheaper than alot of moderate hotels and you will get much nicer accomodations, room for you and the kids to spread out and you can save a ton of money just by eating breakfast at the house and taking some snacks into the parks with you.
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    Frequent Disney trips

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  12. Try not to spend money on any "extras" . I suggest the disney package for a family of 4, its $1,600.00 you stay on disney property and they pick you up from the airport so there is NO need to rent a car. Includes tickets, transportation to all parks, hotel, and food i think. This package is usually always available. Don;t spend money on things you dont need for now. set a limit on grocery bills and clothes shopping, because disney is not cheap
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  13. You should do a number of things.

    Put $5-$20 in a jar every time you curse inside your home.

    Check your pockets for loose change everyday and save it in a jar.

    Eat dinner at home more often.

    Eat spaghetti for every meal (just kidding).

    Carpool so you don't have to spend as much money on gas.

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  14. Everytime you get dollar bills and coins put them a box or somewhere safe.
    Get the disney visa and pay it off monthly. Use it to buy groceries and other things you generally pay cash for.
    Use the reward points toward your vacation. this may be enough to cover your tickets. This is what I do to buy my annual passes.
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  15. Make all of your vacations up to that point, home vacations. If you want to go to Disney next year…you can't go anywhere this year. Drive as little as possible to save gas, make all of your recreational activities home based and inexpensive. Don't eat out and don't order in food. You can also mow your own lawn and groom your own dog, hang a clothes line rather than using the dryer. For ideas on home vacations, read the following article. Have fun !

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