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February 15, 2009

Walt Disney World Vacation – Guide To Making Your Dreams Come True!

Are you still dreaming of going on a Walt Disney World vacation? Now if your answer is yes, then it’s about time you did! This magical wonderland is just what you and your family needs to do away with all that stress and tiredness that comes from the unexciting routine of 9 to 5 work week. It’s time to take a break with Mickey and his friends.

When you get there you can check out Universal Studios and Epcot Center. Or even have a ball watching wonderful shows and enjoying wonderful restaurants. That Walt Disney World vacation is waiting for you. Can’t you just taste those delicious treats and see those fireworks? What are you waiting for – simply get on the World-Wide-Web and check what’s available.

I can remember the last time I went on a Walt Disney World Vacation. Despite the fact that that was the only time I’ve been down to the Magical Kingdom; it surely seems like yesterday. I was only eleven years old when my folks took me and my brothers on a Walt Disney World vacation. With all the excitement I could hardly stand it. I simply wanted to do everything, taste everything, and see everything. I wanted to meet Pluto and take a ride on every roller coaster in the park. I knew it was going to be incredible. Back then I am sure the entry tickets weren’t quite so costly, but at least now days we have a great advantage – the Internet. Cyberspace is the ideal route to finding the absolute best deals and packages regarding your Walt Disney World vacation.

You can choose where to stay and how many days you wish to have access in advance. Besides once you take advantage of the Walt Disney World vacation package deals, you save your hard-earned cash. Sure it definitely pays to plan ahead of time. Go ahead and book your room right in the middle of things. Today you can select from Disney World resorts. Yes, it’s all at your very fingertips, folks.

Have you started planning that big Walt Disney World vacation? Summer is upon us, people. Perhaps it’s about time you prepared for those vacation days with the family. Surely that warm sun will get you motivated. Doesn’t a Walt Disney World vacation just sound perfect? If you simply pop open your Google search engine, you can surf through a number of great deals. You can book that round trip flight and hotel stay all at once, as this way everything is already taken care of. The last thing you need is added stress and chaos. Make your Walt Disney World vacation both an enjoyable and relaxing one!

Tavis J. Cooper


Comments Off on Do you Love Disney and Kids? Opt for the Disney Rewards Visa Card From Chase

February 7, 2009

Do you Love Disney and Kids? Opt for the Disney Rewards Visa Card From Chase

The Walt Disney Company, Chase and Visa have come up with the Disney Rewards Visa Card from Chase. This credit card allows its customers to transform their daily purchases into magical Disney rewards, which include much-liked Disney toys the latest Disney DVDs and entertaining Disney vacations.

Benefits of the Card

Disneyâ??s Visa® Credit Card from Chase gives you the opportunity to earn as well as redeem Disney rewards easily and quickly. The other vital features of the card that make it one among todayâ??s most competitive rewards cards are the exclusive flexibility, attractive interest rate and absence of blackout dates.

The Disney Rewards Visa Card from Chase also provides platinum card benefits and competitive interest rates. The credit card is a low cost visa card offering the cardholder fabulous deals on Disney products that include merchandise and vacations.

The Rewards Program of the card will enable you to obtain a 1% rebate on all your purchases. The 1% rebate is then converted into Disney Reward Dollars, at the rate of 1 reward dollar for spending every $100 on purchases. You can then redeem your reward dollars for obtaining Disney products, like Disney branded toys, clothing, DVDs and more.

The reward dollars can be further utilized for visiting Disney theme parks and for over night staying at Disney restaurants and hotels. However, there is a preset limit of earning 750 Disney Reward Dollars per year. It is also very vital that you use all the earned reward dollars within a five-year duration.

Other Benefits

The Disney Rewards Visa Card from Chase also provides facilities like a zero percent interest rate on the qualified purchases of Disney Vacations package for the initial six months. After the expiry of the introductory period, the annual percentage rate (APR) remains reasonable. The new cardholders will also receive a $15 gift card from the Disney store after making their first purchase. There is no annual fee. Furthermore, the card will also holds the promise for special savings and discounts at the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

The card offers the platinum card benefits, like travel accident insurance, emergency card and cash replacement, auto rental insurance and other emergency assistant services. The card also provides purchase protection and extended warranties on select purchases. You can also enjoy direct access to your account information for transactional operations over the Internet.

However, the card is unfavorable for you if you have plans for carrying an occasional large revolving balance, as the card determines finance charges in the ‘Two Cycles Average Daily Balance’ method, which is costly in comparison to the ‘Average Daily Balance’ method used by most of the credit card issuers.

Added Perks

The Disney Rewards Visa Card from Chase provides benefits like many Internet account related services, lost as well as stolen card reporting, a financial statement at the end of the year, and no liability for unauthorized transactions.

You will surely love this card if you enjoy Disney, are a child at heart or have kids. Nonetheless, you should carefully examine the applicable restrictions, exclusions and limitations. Prior to opening an account, you must go through the Guide to Benefits for detailed information.

Richard Gilliland