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November 13, 2008

Tokyo Disney; please guide me?

I’m planning to visit the Disney in Tokyo with one of my friend and I am currently living in Oita a town near Fukuoka in Japan. Could someone please tell me and give me details on what I should do and what are where I should go visit and see. I’m planning on going during the Christmas vacation. The Tokyo Disney webpage is very confusing for me compared to the Disney World Florida page where it is easy to select what you want pay and check out.

Thank you for your help.

We visited Disneyland and Disney Sea and it was very crowded. I would skip Disney Sea if you like roller coasters and fast, exciting rides (although Journey to the Center of the Earth ended up being a blast… loved that surprising corkscrew spin and the end of the ride). It was pretty, but slower-paced.
When you get there, get the park map (I couldn’t find one online, and the Tokyo Disney page is a headache… I gave up and waited until we got there) and start planning your day as you wait for the park to open. Figure out which rides you want the most and plan around them (especially if they are Fast Pass rides). The group I was with went to one ride to wait in the insanely long lines and I or someone else would take all the tickets and run to another ride we wanted to do to grab the FAST PASS for each of the tickets (near all the rides that are Fast Pass enabled, you put in your ticket and it gives it back along with a pass with a specific time … eg, 12:30-13:30, to ride that ride… you go in a different line that merges with the regular line about 2/3rds of the way to the beginning of the line – YAY!). Then we would run back to our group and be back well before they got to the front of the line. It was fun. DON’T lose your tickets or you can’t get any more Fast Passes!
Also, I would recommend eating a steamed bun or such from a cart instead of wasting time at the larger eating establishments (they are nice and clean, great service, and the food is fresh, but there is just so little time after waiting in the longs lines for the rides and hurrying to wait in another line).
As silly as this sounds, we loved the teacups (but, they do put the breaks on if you spin too fast… who’d have thought!) and got a kick out of It’s A Small World … we were there and had some time to kill before the other Fast Pass ride time came available. I may never get that song out of my head, though… lol!
Skip Micro Tours, aka Honey I Shrunk the Audience (Yawn!).
Definitely do Space Mountain, Splash Mountain if it isn’t too cold (it was very hot when we went), the Buzz Lightyear Blasters was cute (you shoot the targets from your ‘car’ and rack up the points as you go… your score is shown in your car)… I just can’t remember them all..

Have fun and enjoy!



November 10, 2008

In any Disney park, Where to leave our backpacks while on a ride ?

We are going to Disney next month. We are planning to take a backpack with us in the parks to keep some snacks, the guide book and a camcorder. We are a couple and want to ride together. However, we have no idea about what to do with our backpack ?

I always take my backpack on rides at Disney or Six Flags. If theres not a pouch thing to stick it in, I just put one of my legs through a strap and set it on the floor of the ride. On the rides where your legs hang at Six Flags I'd normally just leave it in the cubbies they have to leave stuff in though. I don't think Disney has any rides where your legs hang though, so you would be fine just sticking your leg through a strap. If it gets to be too much of a hassle, you can rent a locker, which would come in handy if you plan to buy souvenirs that wont fit in your backpack.



November 3, 2008

Need Disney World tips from people who really know… Should I invest in a guide or can someone help me out?

My husband and I are going to Disney World for 10 days mid-March. We already have air, hotel, and a rental car. I have read online about some "guide books" that give you all the info you need to save TIME and MONEY (both of which we would like to do) while in the parks and around Orlando. Is this something we should buy?

If there are such tips and they are legitimate, these are the ones we would really like to know about:

1. What roads to avoid while driving to the parks (any backroads?)

2. Certain parks on certain days of the week to avoid biggest crowds

3. Places to eat inside the parks (lunch, snacks, and dinner… are you allowed to bring food in with you, like bottled water and snacks in a tote?)

4. Best view of nightly fireworks shows

5. How many days to spend at each park

If you know of the best book for this info or if someone knows a lot and could give me answers to these questions and a few more, you can email me. sweetpea11_82@hotmail.com


Get a travel book and read online about each place. Your best bet is to leave early to get there one time if not sooner because your bound to have traffic. You should be able to take in a tote of your own food/water. They may check it for security reasons.

If your going to be there for 10 days and are going to 4 parks, then you have no choice but to be at each for no longer than 2-2.5 days each.

Most of all have fun and enjoy the time there than to stress over all the what if's. Good luck 🙂



November 1, 2008

"The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2006" by Bob Sehlinger any one own this? Have question!?

Can you please tell me who the top 5 WDW agents were that he recommended in this book. I'm wanting to plan a vacation and trying to decide who to use. I bought the book but it won't be here until next week and I'm wanting to get started.

I have this book and I am looking at it, he doesn't recommend any particular agent but does suggest you use one that is "earmarked as a an authorized Disney Vacation Planner" By the way, I love the Unoffical Guides. We get one for everyplace we go if they have one in print. This guide is incredibly useful and full of information. Have a great time. I've been to WDW 5 times now and we are going again in Dec.


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