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November 26, 2008

What else can we do in orlando other than the parks ( disney and universal) -staying 20 min from dis in Jan?

We are returning to Florida this year and arrive on xmas day. Any sugggestion of what we can do in the two weeks other than Disney. We loved the Parks but woudl liek to see more of Florida -any ideas that are not covered in the guide books??

When we were there in December, we found this little place that had arcade games and go-kart rides as well as some other rides. I don't remember exactly the name or where it was, except that it was not too far from the Pirates Dinner show. (we were early for the dinner show and rode around to kill some time) We went on the rides (there were not many people there at all!!!) and it was reasonably priced.



November 24, 2008

How to purchase a family Disney trip with first time????

Hi we want to go to Orlando Florida as our first trip with my husband and 2 boys. Can anyone help on how to get cheaper rates stay outside the park inside . I don't know anything about the park tickets etc. We live paycheck to paycheck and ny kids always ask to go? Please I need someone to guide me on how to purchase a disney package maybe I can start saving until next year. thank you

As a first-time visitor to Walt Disney World I strongly recommend that you book your vacation directly with Disney and stay on-site at a Disney Resort. Here are a few of the unbeatable benefits you get by staying at Disney:

– FREE Transprotation to all Disney Parks & Attractions
– FREE Airport Transportation & Luggage Transfer Service from Orlando International Airport
– Extra Park Hours exclusively for Disney Resort Guests
– Lobby Concierge (Park Tickets, Reservations, etc.)
– Clean, Family-Friendly, Disney Quality Accomodations

Disney offers a variety of resort types for different budgets so you dont have to spend thousands on just your hotel room. In addition, if you book a Disney Vacation Package with park tickets, accomodations, and dining plan included you will consolidate your expenses and could get a good deal. Be sure to mention your a First Time Visitor when you make your reservation. Here is the link to the official Disney World site:
or call (407) W-DISNEY (934-7639)

Have Fun!


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November 22, 2008

Can I legally use personal photos I've taken for a travel guide?

I'm creating a travel guide for Walt Disney World. Can I legally use personal photos I have taken while visiting WDW theme parks or must I get specific permission from Disney for every photo included in the book? Does anyone have any idea how this works and the legal issues I might have to deal with before attempting such a venture?

"Can I legally use personal photos I've taken for a travel guide?"

The quick answer to your question is "Not if the images within your pictures have a copyright or trademark already established."

I believe you'll find that photography within Walt Disney World is something covered in the material they provide to park visitors– and I suspect they deal with this issue directly and already prohibit you from using photographs for commercial purposes that you've taken within the park . If not, you should call the park and ask to speak with a public affairs representative. (Check the website for contact information.)

What is certain is that you can't take pictures of Mickey or Goofy or the Magic Castle and publish them commercially without permission– they are each protected by a trademark, copyright or some other sort of service mark.

What you can publish are pictures taken OUTSIDE of the park that do not contain images that are protected– Downtown Orlando, for example. In fact, if you take a look at some of the travel guides at the bookstore, you'll see they tend to be light on pictures of the attractions except where they've been given permission to use the photos.

[This is not legal advice. You should consult a licensed attorney-at-law for legal advice or representation before making decisions that may affect your legal rights.]



November 20, 2008

Do the Disney World water parks clear out early on days with extra magic hours in the morning?

My family will be going in about 3 weeks. Most touring guides advise avoiding the main parks on extra magic hours days if you don't stay on Disney property (like us). However, I'm curious to know if the water parks are different and should we avoid the day the water park has extra magic hours in the morning or try to hit that park in the afternoon.

I'd advise to just go to the water park as early in the day, no matter which day you go. We have always stayed on Disney property but we have been turned away if we arrive at a water park mid-morning during August. I'd rather get there early, and expect to leave early. We don't bring much with us – just a towel, sunscreen, and T-shirts. We don't bother with food, drink, scouting out chairs, etc. because of the volume of people. I've seen them trample each other when the parks first open diving for that "perfect" chair in a location where they want to park their stuff. I've also seen those same chairs taken by other people when the first group decides they want to swim. It's much easier just to walk around – sit where you can when you want to rest – go on the lazy river rides – just put your towel in a locker or, even better, leave it around your neck – you will dry almost instantly in the hot Florida sun, anyway.

Assuming you have a park hopper pass that includes water park access (and you aren't paying for a single-day admission to the water park) there is no financial impact on just going to the park for awhile.

Look at the day's weather forecast before you make the decision to go to Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon. Since thunder showers are abundant in the summer, the parks may have to temporarily close due to lightening. You will also see people running for their lives at the sign of rain, as they feel a need to take cover from water that falls from the sky even though they are already wet from pool water.

I have not yet experienced a water park on an extra magic hours morning. I suspect that if it is the only park offering early hours, it will be more crowded than usual. If they also offer a theme park the same day with extra magic hours then I'll bet more people will be at the theme park. That information can be obtained on the Disney website (exactly which parks are opened early and late on the days you will visit.)

Tips – bring your own ponchos, sunscreen, and umbrellas, and wear waterproof shoes and light clothing that will dry in case of rain.



November 15, 2008

What's the best Disney World book for someone who's already been there, but wants to get more out of the trip?

I've been to Disney World at least ten times, but can't seem to understand the crowds. What book gives you the best info on when to arrive at the parks? Is it the "Unofficial Guide"?

Yes, I prefer the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. They are runned by people just like you and me who love Walt Disney World and want to help other people to get the most out of their trips. They spend numerous hours and days for research in the parks and the whole resort, from the crowds and wait times to dining options and answers. I would trust them, they are one of the greatest resources to check out if you want to know about the crowds or anything about your next trip to Walt Disney World.

Check out their site too: http://www.touringplans.com/tp2/UG2_index.php?PageID=0

And if you buy their book, you get unlimited use of their very usefull crowd calender. It's a graph that shows which days or months that are crowded or not, and which park to go to that's less crowded, and other great information.
Check out their crowd calender as well: http://www.touringplans.com/tp2/UG2_index.php?PageID=14


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