What else can we do in orlando other than the parks ( disney and universal) -staying 20 min from dis in Jan?

We are returning to Florida this year and arrive on xmas day. Any sugggestion of what we can do in the two weeks other than Disney. We loved the Parks but woudl liek to see more of Florida -any ideas that are not covered in the guide books?? When we were there in December, we […]

Do the Disney World water parks clear out early on days with extra magic hours in the morning?

My family will be going in about 3 weeks. Most touring guides advise avoiding the main parks on extra magic hours days if you don't stay on Disney property (like us). However, I'm curious to know if the water parks are different and should we avoid the day the water park has extra magic hours […]

What's the best Disney World book for someone who's already been there, but wants to get more out of the trip?

I've been to Disney World at least ten times, but can't seem to understand the crowds. What book gives you the best info on when to arrive at the parks? Is it the "Unofficial Guide"? Yes, I prefer the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. They are runned by people just like you and me […]